Furia Hand Cleansing Gel Oud Oriental


Instant cleansing gel for hands, with mild antiseptic action and aroma, without the use of water. Furia Hand Cleansing Gel, enriched with glycerin, panthenol and Aloe-Vera gives the skin comfort, velvety texture, while leaving a unique aromatic veil of Oud Oriental *. Light, gel texture, which you absorb quickly. The Oud Oriental, an exotic woody amber (amber) luxury fragrance for men and women. One of the most expensive and desirable aromatic ingredients in the world.


Aloe Vera: Rich in nutrients, with strong healing and antibacterial action. Glycerin: A powerful aqueous agent that captures skin moisture. Panthenol: A popular ingredient, a derivative of vitamin B5, with rich moisturizing, regenerating and soothing properties. Ethyl Alcohol: An active ingredient with strong antiseptic action.